v0.6.0 alpha release

A new alpha version is up for test/review. It’s starting to look like a real client! Get it here. Some highlights are:

Online demo

I managed to compile meli to WebAssembly, and made an online demo so that you can get a feel for it without having to download/build it first. It’s not perfect, but it works.

main screen screenshot
main screen screenshot



meli comes with two themes, dark (the default) and light. Here’s how a theme is defined:


You can also define color aliases:


Custom themes can be defined as lists of key-values in the configuration files:

The application theme is then defined in the configuration as follows:


You can create a theme template with a command line flag:

Sample themes can be found in the samples/ directory in the source repository. Detailed documentation can be found in meli-themes(5) which is also available online sidenote: I couldn’t get mandoc to generate large (i.e. longer than a page) tables. There is a GNU mdoc extension for this but it’s not supported. Bummer

watermelon theme
watermelon theme

Other subcommands

Usability improvements

Distribution and building

binaries and debian package

available in crates.io


What’s next


Follow me on mastodon for updates. Join #meli on Freenode or with matrix’s IRC bridge. I am interested in how you’re using meli and fixing any problems you will probably encounter.