Download an amd64 deb package here. Contributions for more packaging is welcome.

static amd64 linux binary

other prebuilt binaries

not available yet. Compile from source or install with cargo.


Note: cargo cannot distribute documentation. Install with --features="cli-docs" with mandoc or man in your system to use the command-line flags --print-documentation [main config themes] to print documentation in your terminal.


Build instructions can be found in the README file, but for convenience here’s how to get it up and running:

Read the Quick start tutorial. Documentation is located in the man pages and mirrored online here.

Developed with focus on Linux for now, but if you get compilation errors or find bugs in your *nix please report it in meli-general or our issue tracker.


There are no concrete contribution guidelines yet as the development workflow is still in its infancy. Mail your patches to meli-devel.

bugs/support/feature requests

If you encounter a bug or a lack of features, you are encouraged to contact meli-general. You don’t need to subscribe to the mailing lists, but your message will have to be approved first.

Alternatively, you can post on our issue tracker without registering by sending an e-mail to issues@ this address with the title of your report as the Subject and your text in the body. To hide your name and address while still being able to control your report, send your e-mail to issues+anonymous@ instead.

By sending an e-mail to issues@, you will receive a special password you can use to control your report with a link to your issue. You will be automatically subscribed to replies to this issue. You can use the password to:

If you encounter issues with issues@ you can fall back to meli-general and report this as well.